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SPL (Student Pilot License)


SPL stands for Student Pilot License. It is the first step towards achieving your dream of obtaining Commercial or Private Pilot License! If you are interested in flying aircraft, you must apply for (and possess) an SPL. It is a prerequisite for flying and flying training. It is after obtaining an SPL that candidates can move forward to advanced licenses like the PPL, CPL and ATPL.
Flying aspirants and enthusiasts have many doubts regarding SPL and the process of obtaining it. Some of the popular queries are-
‘How to get SPL in India?’,
‘Is it necessary to complete flying training to get SPL?’,
‘How much money one has to spend in order to get SPL?’.
Flight Aviation Academy will answer all those questions.
First of all, applying for (and obtaining) SPL is not as complex as it seems. No flying training is required to obtain SPL.
Are you familiar with Learner’s License (driving)? SPL is just like learner’s license! It is something that we must possess before we learn to fly and handle aircraft! So no flying training is required before one may apply for it! In fact, one must possess SPL to start flying training!
Next comes the fees and money matter. CPL and PPL training programs are known to cost a good amount of money. This is the main reason why folks believe that getting an SPL is expensive too! But it is not true. Student Pilot License is not as costly as its counterparts. One can apply for it and obtain it at a nominal price.
How and where one can apply for SPL, you may ask. The answer is- at a recognized Flying School. But before applying, make sure that you satisfy the following prerequisites –


Age: Candidate must be at least 16 years of age, when applying for the license.
Minimum educational qualification: Candidate should have completed 10th board exam from a recognized board.
Medical certificate: Candidate must have Class 2 Medical certificate. Should be medically fit as per the DGCA guidelines.
These are the three main requirements. If you satisfy the above mentioned requirements, you may enroll for SPL course at a Flying School if required.


Once prepared, you may contact any Flying School and appear for the SPL exam. It is an oral test and will be held by the Chief Instructor at the School or DGCA representative.
Questions testing basic knowledge of subjects like Aviation Navigation, Atmosphere, Aircraft and Engines, Air Regulation and Aviation Meteorology will be asked.
The Flying School will issue SPL if the candidate clears the oral test. This, folks, is the process involved in obtaining SPL.


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